Updates: Skits, Facebook, and YouTube

Hello fans of America's Mafia! The co-authors have a few exciting updates to fill you in on:

Skits: New skits are being posted once in a while to our skit section. Please remember to bookmark this site and stop by to check out the new skits.

Facebook: We now have an enhanced Facebook presence! Please come and join us at our America's Mafia facebook page to get updates on new skits and other information.

Youtube: We are proud to announce that America's Mafia now has a YouTube channel. Find us on YouTube at Pure City TV, where we will be posting podcasts of skits and other interactions between the co-godfathers, J.E.M. Lewis and Dan G. Travis. The first one is scheduled to be up at some point during the week of Christmas. While we can't promise it's the greatest thing you've ever seen, it certainly will be a highlight of your YouTube viewing that day.

Thank you all for your support, and stay tuned!

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