About America's Mafia

America's Mafia is a new American saga being developed by Dan G. Travis and J.E.M. Lewis. The books feature a multitude of original characters, including the following loveable mainstays:

Meet the Family

Mug shot of Ricky

Ricardo "Ricky" Juan, Advisor

Profile: Brilliant, deceptive, mysterious, and perverted are all adjectives that best describe Ricky. This mischievous deviant got a Doctorates Degree in General Studies, which makes his advice extremely valuable. He often has escapades that dare not be mentioned in even the most X-rated of movies. No "Juan" knows for sure where he finds the rare and quite valuable possessions he owns, or how he can afford such things. However, his recent inventions may just hold the answer.

Mug shot of CaCa

Caleb Calvert (a.k.a. "CaCa the Clown"), Enforcer

Profile: CaCa is the greatest, most intimidating mastermind this world has ever known. Of course, if I didn't write him in such a positive light, he would undoubtedly rip off my writing arm and beat me to death with it. Formerly a skinny and easily extorted businessman, CaCa the Clown has taken what was once a mascot for his restaurant and turned it into the face of the most feared man alive.

Mug shot of Skip

Skip Kennedy, Lieutenant

Profile: A young man of many talents, Skip has owned the town's most successful night club since he was fourteen years old. He now runs it alongside his beautiful, yet lethal, girlfriend. With a wit and charm reminiscent of Jim Morrison, Skip Kennedy is the town's most ineligible bachelor; his aforementioned girlfriend, a former assassin for the Japanese Yakuza, may be the reason why.

Mug shot of Don

Donald "Don" St. Clair, Boss

Profile: The son of Pure City's last great mayor, Don is a man in pursuit of the ultimate contradiction: power and peace. Confident and strong, he is a natural-born leader who is able to utilize those in his environment to help him achieve. He puts his Doctorates degree in Political Science to great use every day, managing the town's only fast food restaurant. He adds to the store's success by selling the "Donnie Delight," a sandwich that leaves customers hungry for more.

Pure City, Michigan

The story takes place in Pure City, Michigan, a town that does not exist. If it did, no one would live there, what with the friendly mailman getting stabbed daily, the jailhouse releasing people hourly, and crimes being perpetrated by the minute. The first of the six books, subtitled "One Week in Pure," was written with the hopes of inspiring the youth in America (preferably fourteen and older) to continue reading. Perhaps this is why the story is filled with so much violence, innuendo, comedy, and excitement — also known as the creators' VICE.

— Last editted: November 2011 - By Dan G. Travis and J.E.M. Lewis.
(Information first seen in the Big Window's Review, a publication of Washtenaw Community College.)